When the brain suffers stroke, seconds count. Around 1.9 million brain cells die per minute during a stroke, and timely access to a neurologist is critical.

Questcare Telehealth’s Tele-Neurology program brings a neurologist into the Emergency Department to diagnose and quickly treat stroke patients by administering tPA.

A national shortage of experienced stroke-trained neurologists makes it difficult for hospitals to gain the proper stroke accreditation to treat this very common and deadly condition. Questcare Telehealth provides an affordable on-call Tele-Stroke solution, which provides 24-hour-a-day neurology coverage to hospitals.

Questcare’s Tele-Stroke program offers:

  • 24-hour-a-day access to board-certified, stroke trained neurologists
  • Flexibility to provide supplemental coverage to local neurologists
    • Nights
    • Weekends
    • Holidays
    • Vacation
  • Single number, one call activation of Tele-Stroke neurologist through Medical Command Center
  • On average response time 3 minutes by phone and 10 minutes by camera
  • Activation of Tele-Stroke team upon activation of internal Code Stroke (no need to wait for CT and labs)
  • Collaboration with facility to achieve stroke center certification
  • Mock Code Stroke
  • Ability to enter tPA orders via CPOE
  • Adherence to evidence-based, protocols through established stroke Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • Improved tPA administration rate for eligible patients compared to national average
  • Partnership with facility stroke team to reduce door to needle time
  • Comprehensive stroke quality metrics program based upon 2017 American Stroke Association Scientific Statement on Telemedicine Quality and Outcomes in Stroke
  • Tele-Stroke Medical Director available to participate in facility stroke team meetings and survey readiness activities
  • Screening eligibility for established clinical stroke trials

As state law increasingly requires that patients receive stroke treatment only at certified stroke centers, around-the-clock neurology coverage will become even more important and potentially costly. Without on-call emergency neurologists and stroke center certification, many hospitals may lose the opportunity to treat these patients altogether.